Wolkee Technology
Wolkee Tech provides IT advisory and product development services, deeply focusing on each individual customer.

About Wolkee Tech
Wolkee Tech is an IT consulting firm, specializing in the development of web-services, process automation, IoT solutions and AI/ML products.
Our Services
Software development
Full-cycle development from business analysis, thru design, coding, and testing to production delivery
Product Development
Help you with product definition and full scale development
Hardware Development
If you need your own hardware, we will help you requirements, design and factory production in China and EU
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Our Advantages
We are a team of engineers helping enterprises and start-ups build great products
Technology Experienced
Python, ML, AI, PostgressSQL, and any other suitable technology
Reasonable Ideas
We help you to elaborate on your ideas and provide insights on roadmap and business models
Business Attitude
We want to help you with your product and expect long term collaboration. When you win - we win

Our Team
Experienced product manager with background in web startups and big-tech(HP, Oracle)
Pave Goloborodko
Product Lead Wolkee
Experienced leader and manager
Nikita Zubov
Lead CTO, experience in mobile and web-scale technologies
Sergey Mukhortov
CTO Wolkee
Brilliant operations leader
Julia Potihina
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+49 30 23 99 00 59
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